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The Power of Humor


Everyone absolutely loved you and your presentation. By the time you were through, there wasn’t a dry eye (or underwear) in the house...from laughing! I don’t think I’ve ever received that many great comments on one of our speakers - and they keep coming in!
Oklahoma Department of Developmental Disabilities

I can’t remember when any of our ALL HANDS speakers got a standing ovation! So, that says it all!
Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services

WOW, YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!! I have never heard so many wonderful comments about a presentation and never have I witnessed so much laughing. Your presentation was so meaningful and energized us all...
North Carolina Rehabilitation Association

We have had many speakers over the years - some have been motivational, some educational and others entertaining. But, none have captivated our attendees quite like you did. Judging from the comments of the attendees, your humor and your compassion led to an exceptional and memorable presentation, setting you apart from all those other speakers out there. What a high note to end our conference on!
The Council of Educational Facility Planners International


Can we quantify the power of humor to deal with stress, overcome everyday obstacles, and illustrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit? Here are some evaluations left by 311 Oklahoma public health nurses who heard The Good Life as the closing footnote to their conference on Friday, October 14 2005:

To what extent did the speaker:

- identify humor as a strategy for stress management and enhancing teamwork? 0 0 10 301 3.93
- apply humor in overcoming everyday obstacles in the workplace? 0 0 10 301 3.93
- demonstrate excellence as a goal in healthcare in the face of obstacles? 0 0 10 301 3.93
- dramatize how people may misunderstand the meaning of chronic illness? 0 0 10 301 3.93
- illustrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit? 0 0 6 304 3.96

Thank you!! the conventions, conferences, corporate events, convocations and banquets that opened your doors and made me a part of your training, fellowship and celebration. It has been thrilling, and I look forward to more of the same in the coming year.

To your health and to humor!

Note on presentations: Brett offers two presentations, At Least I've Got My Health and That's What We Get For Thinking. Each combine clean, funny, life-affirming humor with storytelling: At Least I've Got My Health is geared to health related groups and That's What We Get For Thinking to educational groups. Online video for each can be found here.

Brett Leake!
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