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(Now extra big for easier reading on stage!)  

Our guest speaker made television history in 1991 when he became the first comedian with a physical disability to appear on NBC’s The Tonight Show. In 2003, his sixty-minute comedy special, Laughing Matters with Brett Leake, began playing public broadcasting stations around the country.

More recently, Brett was chosen to be the recipient of the National Humor Treasure Award joining the ranks of, among others, Gilda Radner, Victor Borge, Sid Caesar, The Smothers Brothers, Art Buchwald, Steve Allen, Bob Newhart, Jay Leno....

About his first set on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno said, “He broke up the whole room. People realized here's a man with a disability and he's not gonna’ let it bother him.”

On Entertainment Tonight, Jerry Seinfeld had this to say:
“He’s funny.”

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a man who doesn’t complain about the big problems in life because he’s yet to figure out the little ones ...

Brett Leake!!

Brett Leake!
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