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Funny Motivational Speaker Program Best Practices


• Roundtrip coach airfare and standard IRS meal per diem. Brett prefers to drive if venue is within six hundred miles of Richmond, Virginia and if travel logistics permit. Standard IRS mileage rate and meal per diem apply.

• Client (the organization hiring Brett, "the Speaker") will provide Speaker with one non-smoking, handicapped accessible hotel room with a roll-in shower if at all possible for the night of the engagement.

• Client may be asked to help locate a local taxi company that provides accessible ground transportation to and from airport.

• Speaker will bill the client for expenses within 30 days after the event.

Show setup

• Client will provide a microphone stand either straight stick or boom. Microphone can be corded or cordless.

• Client will provide quality sound system (speaking) and lighting. Spotlight (stationery and unmanned) requested but not required.

• Stage monitor requested (loudspeaker placed on stage so Brett can hear and enjoy the show, too.)

• Brett uses a power wheelchair. If a stage is being used reasonable accommodations include a wheelchair ramp. If the stage is inaccessible, Brett can perform from in front of the stage. Brett's wheelchair 'stands'; in standing mode Brett stands about 6 feet tall. Contact Brett for additional ways to create an effective performance space. Brett is happy to communicate with the banquet staff directly.

• Room is most conducive to humor when set up in auditorium/theater style or, if not possible, cabaret/banquet style with small tables. It's important to keep distance between audience and Speaker to a minimum. Please, no open dance floor separating Brett from the audience.

• In the case of awards banquets, Brett requests going on immediately after dinner and before awards.

Best practices suggestions

Best sound is:
• For groups up to two hundred attendees -- a 500 watt professional quality amp. & two 300 watt professional quality speakers on stands located on either side of stage facing the audience.

Ceiling Sound Systems discouraged.

• For groups larger than two hundred attendees, add two additional speakers to rear of room.

Best stage lights: 4 or more 150 watt track lights or a 500 watt follow spot focused on stage area.

Fine stage area: If a stage is being used, stage minumum dimensions: stage height 8 inches; stage width 4 feet; stage depth 4 feet. Stage needs to be accessible by ramp.

Mighty fine microphones: professional quality (Shure 57 or comparable) and round base microphone stands. Please have in reserve one back-up microphone with battery.

Brett’s place in the program’s flow

• As the program unfolds, make best attempt to get Brett on within twenty minutes of the pre-determined time. If Brett’s part of the program is running thirty minutes late, Brett will adjust the length of his presentation to suit the energy level of the audience.

Ambience - setting the right tone for the performance

• All audience members should be able to see and hear the show.

• Audience should be seated together and as close to the stage as possible.

• If a spotlight is used, overhead lights should be dimmed during the performance.

• If this is a meal time event, table service can continue throughout the performance. Staff is requested to speak in a whisper during the performance.

• Brett’s show should begin once the last course is finished. Comedy works best after dessert and coffee. Impact of performance is reduced if audience is still eating.

• Let Brett know before he goes on stage to whom he returns the audience. Instructing the artist from the bar that “ you forgot to tell ’em to stick around for the karaoke” dampens somewhat any hard won gains.

Revised 02/25/2013

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