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Educational Objectives
Stated as behavioral/measurable learner outcomes for evaluation.

Participants will be able to:
   1. Define humor.
   2. Identify ways to turn stressful situations into laughing matters.
   3. Describe why humor is essential in our lives.

Content (Topics)
Outline/description of the content per topic
   1. Identifying life’s problems as the source of humor.
   2. Overcoming physical limitations and improving mental health.
   3. Indicating humor's place in conflict management, critical thinking skills and transformational leadership.
   4. Demonstrating humor's role in life appreciation and gratitude.

Time Frame for Topic/Content.
Confluent. Speaker will weave these objectives and content throughout the presentation.

Teaching Strategies
A combination of philosophic lecturettes, comedic routines, storytelling, humorous observations, and anecdotes.

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