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Corporate Clean Comedy - Clean Corporate Comedian Brett Leake's Genius with a J

Clean and Funny Sitdown Standup Comedy


A standup comic since 1983, a sit down comic since 1997, Brett remains an energetic performer of observational humor. His interest easily aroused he gives himself completely to topics that range from sweet potato pie to pi (3.14159).

Brett's lively desire to learn and to know lead him from the kitchen to the car to the classroom. Behind a persona sometimes frustrated, sometimes confused, Brett wonders about the little problems: junk mail on recycled paper; the expiration date on bottled water; light bulbs that burn out an instant after being turned on. Not content at identifying ironies, Brett offers solutions to such vexing problems as figuring out how much to tip, operating a hotel shower, and getting around the I before E rule.

True to his nature, Brett eventually finds a positive spin to whatever's bothering him whether it's getting a C in Latin to waking up tired.


Laughing Matters with Brett Leake, sixty-minute public televison clean comedy special
The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Jay Leno guest host One appearance
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Four appearances
Entertainment Tonight
The American Comedy Awards
Look Who's Laughing, a public televison special about comedians with disabilites


• Gino Michillini regularly plays portions of Brett's CD, ‘Genius with a J’, on his famous ‘Five O’clock Funnies’ on KLOS, Los Angeles.
• The Jack Diamond Morning Show, Free for All Friday, Mix 107.3, WRQX, Washington DC, guest appearances

Opened For:

Smothers Brothers
Don Rickles
Tony Orlando
The Spinners

Clean Corporate Comedian recommendations:

What some of the top people in the industry think of Brett's clean funny comedy.

“He broke up the whole room. People realized here’s a man with a disability and he’s not gonna’ let it bother him.”

Jay Leno
The L.A.Daily News

“He's funny. There’s a great common denominator in the comedy industry: funny is funny and that’s it.”

Jerry Seinfeld
Entertainment Tonight

“Hysterical! You da’ man.”

Jim Davis,
Creator of Garfield

Brett’s standup has been well received critically


“Pungent, wickedly intelligent, dangerously in command.”

Eve Zibart
The Washington Post


Leake’s own intelligence comes across in his ability to establish a through-line in his observations about less than controversial topics such as cheese and mathematics. As with Seinfeld, the weight of what he does isn’t in the subject but in the process applied to it.

Jeff Rubio,
Orange County (LA) Register


“...Leake’s own jokes are crafted from a delightfully rich vocabulary and delivered with understated wit...He manages to accent his gags with precise movements and expressions. Many observations are punctuated with a befuddled stare reminiscent of Stan Laurel.”

Dave Nuttycombe
The Washington Post

Clean Funny Standup Comedy Client List

U.S, Department of Defense, Joint Forces Command (command performance)
The Smithsonian Associates
The Kennedy Center: Mark Twain Awards
Wolftrap, The National Park for the Performing Arts
State Farm Insurance
Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Ford Credit
Capital One Financial Services
Nortel Networks
GE Plastics
Hamilton Beach - Proctor Silex
Paws Inc.
Mahle: Pistons and Engine Components
Superior Battery
American Society of Highway Engineers
Virginia Road and Transportation Builders Association
Virginia Association of community Banks
Lamar Advertising
Indiana Telecommunications Association
Carolina Association of General Contractors
National Community College Wellness Conference, Seventh Annual
Sun City Florida Retirement Community

More Letters Recommending Genius with a ‘J’


“Very few of our speakers are able to relate to their audiences with as much aplomb as you were and it made for a very special evening.”

The Smithsonian Associates
Thomas Minner
Program Coordinator



“We deal in humor everyday here at Paws. We’re jaded and you layed us out! I've never heard the staff laugh so hard.”

Jim Davis
Paws Inc.

...annual parties

...a most heartfelt thank you for gracing this annual holiday gala with a truly memorable the days that followed, we received calls and notes from many others telling us how much they enjoyed the show. Your remarkably insightful brand of comedy clearly has universal appeal. We could not recommend your services more highly to a prospective client.
Department of Defense
Commander in Chief
U.S, Joint Forces Command
Richard C. Marr
Major General, U.S. Air Force
Chief of Staff

“I’m writing to thank you on behalf of the IBM Personal Computer Desktop team for what I can only describe as a fantastic show...All I’ve heard is rave reviews on your show. The feedback from people was “you were hilarious”, “I could really relate to his topics”. It has been two weeks since the party and people still stop me in the hall to say how much fun they had. Brett, I really enjoyed it too.”

Richard Werner

...‘wine and dines’

“...Since the dinner, every single doctor that I’ve spoken with makes a special point to let me know how much they enjoyed the show and to state how much fun they had. The fact that you personalized the show by working Pfizer and some of our products into your material made a big impact...”
Frank C. Robert, Jr.
Senior Professional Sales Representative
Pfizer Labs
I had several physicians come to me and tell me how much they enjoyed the show.'s amazing to me how you take such a simple everyday event and make it sooo hilarious.” Kimberly Painter
Professional Sales Representative
Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

Video: Where's the Humor?

If you want a little fun... you've got to have little problems.

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